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Last Updated: 13/08/2014 17:05:00
Custom-made Study & Library Furniture


With more and more of us working from home these days, (including me) or just needing a space to go online, take care of bills etc, or read; a specially designated area of the house, such as an office, corner of the living room or spare bedroom, can be essential to the smooth running of our daily lives. Traditional or more IT friendly desks, store cabinets, and other various storage and open shelving solutions, thoughtfully designed and made from natural materials, can make even the most onerous of tasks more pleasurable.

Even with the advent of the Kindle, many people still maintain a deep attachment to their books. For some, a well organised library of any size, or set of shelving can bring a lot of pleasure, and can make the most of unused or the most unlikeliest of spaces. Shelves can be fixed or fully adjustable and can be designed to incorporate additional cupboards and drawers, if extra storage is needed.

Unlike the many chain store, flat pack alternatives available these days, the fitted bedrooms and studies I make will be sturdy, long lasting and an asset to your home. They will be designed and built with you and your budget in mind, from quality natural materials, making good use of even the tightest of areas.

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With so much else to think about it can be nice to know that there is a place for everything.