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A Summer House can be a great place to relax and entertain all year round!
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Last Updated: 13/08/2014 17:05:00
Custom-made Summer Houses

In recent times, when the chance has come along, I’ve particularly enjoyed the building of various outdoor structures, such as sheds, arbours and gazebos. One of the most notable was this summerhouse, which I was asked to make by the customers, who had clear ideas about what they wanted, but had until this point, searched without success.

Following an exchange of ideas, and research, the result was this traditionally inspired Victorian/Edwardian design, which optimises light and space available, in a relatively small space, as well as view of the garden. With the emphasis on quality and durability, key features included a cedar shingle roof, handmade doors and windows, with leaded glass, and quality fittings.

With its striking two tone finish, this summerhouse has a timeless classic look to it, and will hopefully allow the householder many years of enjoyment from their garden, shade and sanctuary from the elements. 

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